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Data Lake Expertise

Data lakes bring together data from separate sources and make it easily searchable, maximizing discovery, analytics, and reporting capabilities for end-users.

Analytics Consulting

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data in order to make conclusions about that information. Drive Better Business Outcomes by Providing Insights Rather than Just Reports.


BI reporting platforms that are designed to collect, analyze, transform, and report data from various data sources

Skilled Professionals

Expertise in Hadoop, Cloudera CDH, Cassandra, Elastic Stack, Solr, Hortonworks, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and other big data platforms

Agile Teams

Our team’s agile approach is all about communication (usually daily), teamwork, problem-solving, technical development skills, and striving to improve the team's velocity.

Data Protection

Data protection refers to the practices, safeguards, and binding rules put in place to protect your personal information and ensure that you remain in control of it.

Emerging Technology Stack

Emerging technologies are defined by five attributes: radical novelty, fast growth, coherence, prominent impact, and uncertainty and ambiguity

Open Source Software

Open source software is software in which the source code used to create the program is freely available for the public to view, edit, and redistribute.

Domain Experts

Domain expert is a person with special knowledge or skills in a particular area of endeavor. An accountant is an expert in the domain of accountancy,

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