Product Engineering

Personalized experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud solutions provides a personalized experience for the prospective students visiting their website and social channels and keeping them engaged through their ‘Journey’. Create customer Journeys based on customer lifecycles, capture different scenarios and behavior based triggers to be used for personalization. Developed tighter integration with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Student Management System. Integrated solution to different users need to use only one system to get the complete picture of the customer. Improved efficiencies and reduced errors through automation of campaign management. A consistent and personalized experience for the customers regardless of the channel.

Improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) with Service Analytics using Salesforce Service Cloud

Powered by Salesforce Einstein, the Service Analytics is easily available to the service managers as well as the agents. It offers valuable insights into the performance of the agents and the department. Viewing the reports of varying complexity becomes easier with Service Analytics. It can be a report on a first contact resolution rate. Or on the number of case reassignments per each case type depicting an average customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate for each case type as well as the agents who systematically reassign cases more than a certain number of times a week. Besides reporting, Service Analytics can give recommendations as to what an agent should do, say, to improve CSAT.

Enriching customer data with post-purchase surveys using Salesforce Sales Cloud

Information that would be difficult or even impossible to obtain otherwise, can be collected by sending a survey following a purchase – Who was the product for? What was the occasion? What did they think about the vendor? This data allows to enrich your customer records in Salesforce CRM, if the analysis of your post-purchase surveys reveals that a sizable portion of your customers are buying gifts, then it would be appropriate to include present ideas in any communications: on your website, in your emails, etc. By combining the analysis of surveys with the analysis of other CRM data, you can acquire an in-depth understanding of your customers, their attributes and their behavior.