Visual Analytics



Tableau’s Big Data Analytics solution offers strong data visualization capabilities enabling users to create intelligent business reports through its storyboarding feature. The solution enables users to present data in different predefined charts and animated forms to visualize changes across multiple groups or time periods.

Tableau Big Data Analytics supports geospatial interaction. The New Spatial File Connector tool allows users to leverage spatial data directly in Tableau for powerful geospatial analysis.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI provides customizable and pre-built dashboards which unify key metrics into a single view and show real-time updates on every device. The solution helps users build scorecards that include advanced filtering, guided navigation, interactive analytics and visualization. The solution offers various chart suggestions and animations to represent data in a customized and explanatory way.

The Power View and Power Map features support visual data exploration with ad-hoc interactive reporting and geospatial analysis. Users can take advantage of Power View Add-in functionality that allows them to present and share insights with others through rich storyboard presentation capabilities. Power BI also supports geospatial integration with SQL Server Geospatial engine, BING maps and Esri ArcGIS maps.


Qlik Sense/Qlik view

While Qlik sense/Qlik view services provides multiple ways in handling big data/structured data/unstructured data from multiple data sources, Vertogic’s experts have expertise in building customized models by combining technology with business. The models allow the user to explore the selected detailed data in any dimension.

It allows user to do quick aggregations and allow them to select again for detail view. The user has capability to control data as many different slices as business user wants without the need to develop a new app each time. This really empowers democratizes big data analytics for  business users beyond the realm of big data specialists and data scientists.

BI/Analytics COE & Operations

Our team has experience monitoring and supporting all of your BI/Analytics tools.  From user & server administration, to education, to performance monitoring, to break/fix – our A&S services help make sure your business users have the reports and dashboards they need 24×7.

Need reports and dashboards converted or migrated from one tool to another?  With a team of professionals skilled in multiple tools, we can help you consolidate and streamline your BI investments.